Find Router IP Address

Find Router IP Address
Find Router IP Address

To discover your switch IP address you can perform steps recorded underneath:

Windows Operating System

  • Snap Windows “Start” catch
  • Begin menu will open.
  • Search for the inquiry field in the Start menu a sort “cmd” or “order incite” in it.
  • From the rundown of decisions select “Direction” and tap on it.
  • Direction provoke window will open.
  • Enter “ipconfig/all” direction and press Enter.
  • This direction will deliver content yield about your system. To get your default IP address search for the “Default Gateway” IP address.


  • In the base menu tap on Launchpad
  • In the pursuit bar type “terminal”
  • In the rundown underneath tap on “terminal”
  • You should see terminal window open. Type “netstat – nr | grep default” in it and press enter.
  • IP address of your switch will be beside the “default” content